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You’ve done it – you’ve popped the question – and tradition generally dictates that YOU, (the guy), did the whole big surprise, bended knee, romantic moment thing.

So what happens next?

You’re probably thinking that the heat is off now and you can sit back and relax with one eye ever so casually focused on the distant haze of planning the stag party !! Erm, wrong! There is SO much more that you could and perhaps should be doing to assist your betrothed in the planning stages of what will undoubtedly be THE biggest day of your life.

As a Bride, your fiancée will revel knee deep in all things wedding-y and have the help of all her best friends but you, what do you do? Well, first things first, you should consider who you are choosing to assist you with this big moment, this big day. So have a ponder over this. Who are you close to? Who is your oldest friend? Who has been there for you and you cannot imagine having this big moment without them? If you’re still stuck after these few questions then you’re in trouble – I’m kidding of course – but those questions should help you make the decision on who you want in your groom gang.

Since time stood still, the groom has always been ably assisted by his Best Man but with modern twists and new traditions arriving on the scene, the grooms gang has grown in size. It is no longer uncommon for the Groom to have 2 best men and a handful of groomsmen or ushers. In fact, there is no hard and fast rule about what you can and cannot have. Remember – it is your day – so you choose just how you want it to be. Don’t forget you should also include in your “gang” the Father of the Bride and your own Dad too.

A task that definitely belongs to you is the hiring or buying of suits. Your partner will almost certainly have an idea on a “theme” or colour scheme and you should liaise with her carefully without asking too many questions of course. After that, the world is your oyster!

Most Grooms these days opt to hire suits and with high street giants like Debenhams and Moss Bros offering fabulous deals to suit all budgets, what’s not to love? Don’t be afraid to ask for their advice. They have been doing this for a long time, they know what they are talking about and always choose a company that stocks lots of sizes on the premises so that you can go and try on. That is the key. Try before you buy/hire. Just like the girls will go dress shopping, the guys get to go suit trying!

After choosing your groom gang and looking at options on suit hire you could always take ownership of a couple more tasks like wedding transport and honeymoon. These tasks are typically seen as the more boring end of the To Do list but actually play just as much importance as the colour of the bridesmaid sashes, flowers or the height of a kitten heel!

After all is said and done, there is no real set of rules for all of this. Trust your gut. Do what you feel is right. Have what you want and make good choices.

I should warn you though, there is a certain expectation for you to leave or send a lovely gift to your Bride on the morning of the wedding… Choose this gift carefully as it will totally depict how the rest of your married life goes!!!

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