New Year - New Proposals

New Year - new proposals ?

Have you started the new year as freshly engaged ? Did your Christmas or New Years Eve celebrations result in the popping of THE question? For many people all over the world, the new year will bring excitement, romance and the sound of wedding bells. It is THE most traditional time of the year to receive a proposal with Valentines Day coming a very close second. If you are engaged, you’re probably super excited and a little bit scared of what to do next, in which order, and how much things will cost. You’re probably wondering where to start! First things first - the wedding budget. For some couples this will be quite daunting as you try to figure out how much everything costs. How much will you need to save and over what period. The answers to these questions will depict when you can get married and it’s quite normal these days to be engaged for a few years or more whilst you save up for the biggest day of your life. Some lucky couples may already have a healthy budget. Perhaps parents or grandparents are gifting money towards the wedding or both families are chipping in. Whatever your situation, it is important to set a budget so that you can maintain control as much as possible. Other couples prefer a discrete quiet affair at a hotel or registry office with their closest friends and family invited. This type of wedding is becoming more and more popular as couples seek to spend more money on the holiday/honeymoon of a lifetime. The most common task I am given as a wedding planner is to help couples stay within or under budget. I can always save you money and beat quotes by using industry suppliers who have a wealth of experience in this field. Because it is typically the world of the unknown to you both, it’s always a risk to book things without a recommendation. I would always suggest you look at a suppliers website, social media and ALWAYS look at their reviews and feedback. Some couples are excited yet terrified of the prospect of planning and organising the biggest day of their lives. Perhaps you are a working professional couple who have zero spare time to dedicate to the planning of a wedding or are simply quite rubbish at doing things like this! With my help you get complete peace of mind and reassurance that your day will go exactly as you planned and you get to sit back and enjoy the ride. With regular planning meetings and email updates I will take the pressure off you. My clients contact me all day, everyday by email, text, messenger or WhatsApp. You have 24 hour access to me at all times and (if you wish) I am there when you wake up on the big day and I’m there to say goodnight. I will locate and liaise with all suppliers, beat quotes and get reduced prices on all kinds of things. Any amount of money saved is money back in your pocket. Itineraries and communication between me and everyone involved in your big day will go on behind the scenes from horse drawn carriages, helicopter arrivals, singing waiters to firework displays - nothing is off limits. Some people want a full planning service from the beginning and often I am planning weddings 2 years or more in advance. Others simply want someone to manage the event itself so they don’t have to remember or worry about anything else other than enjoyment of the day. Let’s not forget the reason why you’re getting married. You are in love. You wish to spend the rest of your life with your partner. The day will be the most memorable day of your life. So...will “You Say Yes” ??

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