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Now, more than ever, it is essential that we continue to support small local independent business, as some kind of return to normal life is nearly upon us.

Our natural world has a way of intervening from time to time to remind us just who’s in charge. The COVID-19 pandemic that swept through nearly every corner of the globe in 2020—and continues to rage with devasting effect—has reshuffled priorities across the global economy.

Many local businesses have been the only traders able to support us whilst the majority of the High Street has been closed down. It would be a shame to “drop” them and rush back to the big shops when our custom has really made a difference to what they do.

People often forget, small independent business are still people with mortgages to pay, cars to fuel, kids to feed and often there’s a real struggle behind the scenes that we just don’t see.

Covid and lockdown has been hard on everyone. Trust me - our own business has been affected - but we must remain positive and upbeat and plan for the next round of restriction lifting.

Over the past year, my days have felt a lot different without saying hello to the costa guys on a regular basis, exchanging pleasantries with the people in the shops I regularly visit, wandering aimlessly around TK maxx and generally missing people interaction.

Having to learn new rules (hands, face, space) is just one small part of lockdown. Including keeping distance when out, wearing a face covering and constantly sanitising to stay safe are a few of the new tricks we’ve needed to embrace.

So for me personally. I’ve had to embrace solitude and learn how to zoom and face time and quite frankly, it’s not been so bad !!

Many local shops have an e-commerce presence, or have begun to offer ways to support them with just the click of a button. We have become a community of diversity and must constantly find new ways to survive.

Let’s lead by example.

Support local. Buy local. Support small independent businesses. Plan ahead. Order those gifts for loved ones birthdays or celebrations. With careful planning small business can support you just as well as the big stores can, they often just need a little bit of time to make, bake or create.

Something often overlooked is the power of social media.

A Comment, a like or a share and even a simply emoji makes such a difference to the analytics behind the scenes. So next time you see something you like simply drop a ❤️ or a 👍🏻 or event tag a friend who may like it also.

Whilst it’s very clear that living through the past year of pandemic life has changed us and above all it’s taught us valuable lessons - you have to consider that it’s not all bad. And if you’re lucky enough to still have your loved ones with you then we are blessed when there is so much loss and suffering around us.

Come and support us at our very first event this year at Fox Valley on Sunday 18 April from 10-4pm. You will find a selection of artisan stalls ready to show you what they make/sell.

More dates at Fox Valley are later in the year.

For further information contact :

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