Weekday Weddings - Can they save you money?

Here at You Said Yes we are seeing an increase in couples choosing to marry mid-week rather than on a Saturday or Sunday.

This shift in trend has come about when people realised how much money can be saved on their venue, food and dressing for a mid week price option instead!  Does this threaten the Saturday tradition you might ask?

Last year this trend was just creeping in and this year’s statitstics show that it is definitely on the up.  The Office for National Statistics showed that since 2008 60% of couples in England & Wales marry on a Saturday.  Friday is the second most popular choice.  However, since these stats were collated there has been a surge in popularity for the mid-week wedding. 

An estimated total of 21,700 weddings took place on Thursday last year - about 6,000 more than in 2008. The main reason for this is cost.  Not just changing the day but changing the month is also seeing a huge increase as wedding couples decide on venues which don’t really rely on weather for their popularity.  Again, you can save thousands of pounds by picking an un popular day of the week.  Typically you can save a third of your budget. Not just a saving in the pocket but better availability will suddenly open up when venues who are always booked up in advance for Saturdays suddenly become available midweek.  Instead of being able to offer 52 Saturday weddings they can now offer up to 250 weddings in the space of 1 year.

The “unfashionable” Monday or Tuesday wedding can save you as much as 40%.

Meanwhile, insurance data from John Lewis

between shows a 43 per cent increase over five years for couples taking out policies for Thursday nuptials.

Please do not worry about offending your guests by choosing a less popular day of the week to marry.  If the date you pick ensures you have the wedding you dreamed of then any of your guests wanting to share that special day really will not care what day of the week it is!

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